Different Kinds of Commercial Photography

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So we’ve talked about how you can increase online sales of your art, but we haven’t yet mentioned what commercial scope different kinds of photography are. In simple words, in what ways can you make money with the kind of photography you’re doing?

Studio Photography

If you’re into studio work, you’re probably taking photos of people, fashion, and products. These kinds of photos are mostly used by companies dealing with fashion or product sales. You can, therefore, contact different magazines to try and get your work published or get hired by them directly as a photographer.

Landscape/Fine Art Photography

If you’re more into fine art photography, you can do either one of two things; you can try and get your work exhibited in art galleries or you can create an online presence and sell your work directly. Doing both these things in parallel is also an option, but getting your work in a gallery where people can come and see it physically means there will be a much lesser hassle on your part.

Wildlife/Sports Photography

If you like taking photos of wildlife or sports, you should try to get hired by a company that covers such events. Newspapers, magazines, and organizations like National Geographic can help boost your career in these types of photography.

Whichever category of photographers you fall into, you can be sure that there is an audience for your work. However, commercial photography is very tough to make a place in as there is simply too much competition. But hard work and dedication can trump all the hardships associated with being a professional photographer.