Increase Your Online Sales!

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It’s very tough for new artists to make their mark on the art world these days. That is why a lot of creative people are relying on the internet to showcase their work to the world. If you are such an artist who is trying to make sales via online galleries or your own websites, here are some tips to help you get more attention.

Learn to Write

Knowing how to write about your artwork is crucial when you’re dealing with online sales because you can’t explain your work to people yourself. Your words are all the people read and if they don’t do justice to your art, then you may not make enough sales.

Use Your Social Networks

Everyone these days seems to be on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so it makes sense to promote your work through them. Upload links to your website on Facebook, tweet about your latest painting, or put up a photo on Instagram. This is a great way to put your work in front of interested people and redirecting them to your webpage.

Reach Out to People

In order to reach out to more people on the internet, you can start a blog. It’s a fairly easy process these days, and doesn’t take too much work on your part. Upload your work, write about it and tell people the story or inspiration behind it. You can also create mailing lists and send emails to art lovers around the world with special codes and discounts. Just remember, the more your reach out to people, the greater are your chances to make it as an online artist.