Some Photo Effects to Try

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The world of commercial art is a tough one to make a name in. One thing that you can do to keep your fans interested is to try new things with your photography. There are many kinds of methods you can try, starting with these:

  • Add a Splash of Color

If you primarily take black and white photos, why not try and add a splash of color to them? Many photo editors today have some sort of color splash effect that allows you to keep one portion of your photo colored while the rest is black and white. This is a great way to bring your subject in focus and treat the rest of your image as more of a backdrop.

  • Play with HDR

HDR photography is not only a great way to preserve details in your image’s highlights and shadows but can also be used very creatively. You can make your images look very ‘hard’ if you want. Programs like Aurora HDR make the process of creating HDRs very easy and intuitive.

Other than letting you merge multiple exposures into one HDR photo, Aurora HDR can also help you give single images an HDR look with its excellent tone-mapping techniques. Head on to to give it a shot.

  • Go Vintage

Vintage photo effects can either make your image look great or kill it completely, depending on how you use them. If used in moderation, and only when the look is suited to your particular image, vintage effects can give your photo a very cool vibe. You can turn seemingly mundane street shots or portraits into very pleasing images by using some suitable vintage filters.

There are many other photo effects that you can try in order to visually elevate your photos and make them more suitable for commercial use. However, start with these three as they are some of the most visually pleasing ways to treat your photos.