Some Tips to Remember as a Fashion Photographer

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One of the best ways you can make money in the world of commercial photography is to get

involved with fashion photography. There is a big market out there for fashion photographers

who bring something new and interesting to the table. If you would like to take a chance at this

commercial side of photography, the following tips could really help you.

Preparation is Key

Before you walk into any shoot, you need to be prepared fully. Not only does this save time, but

also gives you the confidence to take your shoot by the reigns. Have a solid idea of what you are

looking to achieve. Have your ideas and inspirational images from books and magazines with

you to glance through while shooting, so that you never find yourself stuck creatively.

You are the Leader

As a fashion photographer, you have to take the lead in your shoot. This doesn’t just mean

talking to the models and telling them how to pose but rather getting involved with every part

of the set. So have an idea of what the hair stylists should be doing, or how the makeup should

look. It’s good to be open to their ideas, but always be clear as to the look you want to achieve.

Break Some Rules

Don’t be afraid to break some rules. Your images don’t always have to be lit a certain way

because that’s who fashion photography works. You can also try new techniques to add some

personal creativity into your shoot. For example, why not try taking some HDR photos if your

shoot is outdoors? There are some great hdr software programs available that can let your

tweak your final photos to your liking.

Don’t Forget to Direct

Yes, you are the photographer and you hold the camera in your hand, but you are also the

director of your shoot. Don’t forget to talk to the models to help them understand what you

want. It’s always good to break the ice with your models before the shoot starts so that

everything becomes friendlier and not necessarily completely formal.

Shoot Everywhere

In order to keep your creative brain working, never stop taking photos. It doesn’t always have to

be fashion photography either. Just take photos wherever you can and however many you can.

Keep yourself involved with your gear and keep exploring different ideas even when you’re not

working on a project.

Be Confident in Yourself

And of course, in order to be a successful commercial photographer, you have to be confident

in your skill and your ideas. Remember that you have to sell your work to someone else, and

you can’t do that if you find yourself second guessing yourself.


Getting into the world of fashion photography is no easy task, so be ready to put the work in

without stopping. Once you do that though, you’ll find yourself easing into the process quite

quickly. Just be confident, work on creative ideas, and don’t be afraid. That’s the best advice

anyone can give you.